connecteur refroidi eau


These connections consist of a braid with a copper spring core, covered with a neoprene tube and some connectors which have the electrical and water connection.

The fundamental characteristic consists in the elimination of the heat produced by the high intensity which circulates in the moments of welding, by the passage of water, through the interior of the cable.


Square copper braid with a section determined by the amperage and an internal hole for the passage of water. With electrolytic copper EN 13602.


The main applications of water-cooled cables are as follows: electrochemistry, welding, induction furnaces, electrothermal energy, supply of electromagnets, etc.


  • Water cooled cables (FRA / FHA)

These cables will form the core of the connection, with a section determined by the amperage used in the machine.

  • Cooling water connection parts

At the ends of the cable section, terminations soldered to the cable are attached, depending on the needs of each application. All standard connection parts are made of E-Cu material.

  • Cooling water connection holes

Sufficiently large threaded holes are made in the connecting pieces to catch the tube holders.

  • Cooling water pipes

Externally, this cable is covered with a neoprene tube. The surface of the pipe is resistant to ignition and self-extinction, which guarantees the tightness of the cable. The operating pressure of the cables is max. 2 bars.