Description of our cables

Our flexible copper cables are made of fine wires (diameters from 0.05 to 2.5 mm) braided or not of bare annealed or tinned electrolytic copper. It is possible to make cables with other alloys (Nickel and Silver). The cross section of our conductors can be circular or square, with a cross section of up to 1200 mm². We also manufacture American gauge sections (AWG / MCM).

We manufacture cables of non-standard sections to measure for our customers, with a very small minimum quantity of manufacture and with a delivery time of around 2/3 weeks.


Our flexible braided copper cables are intended for the following applications: Connections, manufacture of electrical equipment, protection and earthing equipment, plugs, lightning rods, transformation centers, etc.

Tous les Câbles en Cuivre (extra) flexibles