TESORAX offers an offer based on providing technical solutions to equipment and applications in the electrical industry.

The manufacture of electric motors is ensured by our European partner. As a preferred distributor, we offer our customers state-of-the-art technical solutions at the best prices on the market.The manufacture of braids, flexible connections, copper braid cables, and Litz wires is carried out by our factory in Spain.  We meet the European standards in force, in terms of product quality, manufacturing processes and respect for the environment. We thus support manufacturers from the definition of the need, through the design and until the realization of their projects, in a vision of costs - quality - deadlines - performance.

Our ability to meet the needs of manufacturers in providing solutions in  Connectors  and copper braid cables ​ allows us to be present in particular in the following areas: Copper Braided Connectors and Cables and in electric motors allows us to be present in particular in the following areas:

Based in Moselle, between Metz and Luxembourg, we also offer medium-term storage solutions for all of our product offer.
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