Description of connectors

​The flexible connectors are braids to which are added connections, custom terminals. The braids are made of electrolytic copper wires. We can manufacture them in different dimensions (mm), sections (mm²) and shapes, depending on each installation need (section x width x height x length). We also offer a wide variety of connection terminals. Possibility of manufacturing with bare or tinned copper.

On request, the connectors can also receive a silver bath to improve resistivity. We can make sections from 1.5mm² to 5000mm². We also have the possibility of insulating the connectors with different plastic materials.


C​Connections flexible in various electrical and ground connections. When the electrical connection is subjected to strong vibrations.

  • Medium voltage electrical equipment (cabinets, circuit breakers, inverters)

  • Transformers (connection between a transformer and a bus conduit)

  • Energy distribution - Food

The coding of connectors in this category is set as follows:

Example : CPPU0070x0350 8-8 ( bare Cu flat connection 70 mm², length = 350 mm / 2 metric holes 8).

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