Description of our braids

​Our flexible copper braids are made of fine and shiny annealed electrolytic copper wires, either bare copper or tinned, offering great flexibility and a small bend radius. We can manufacture sections from 0.062mm2 to 625mm2 with wires from 0.05mm in diameter. Among the braids, we find flat braids in bare copper or tinned, very small braids, round braids or even square braids. Each braid can be insulated with different materials.


​Earthing connections, vibrating machines, transformer connection bridges, manufacturing of electrical equipment. For high voltage circuit breakers, generators, ground wire for demand circuit breakers, high voltage, circuit breakers, busbar systems, panel connections. Application where temperature and shocks are high. Shielding of electrical cables to prevent interference and smaller ones are used in Slot type cars.

All our products flexible braid copper